Barbecue Tips

Barbecuing and grilling is not a science, but there are still a lot of ways to go wrong. Nobody likes their meat burnt and dry, nor spending hours to clean a barbecue after a nice meal. To prevent all of that from happening, there are a lot of trick and tips that can be really helpful. Let’s start at the beginning, before putting your meat to get cooked.


WashingIt is really important that you wash everything after handling the raw meat, also, the plate that you used for uncooked meat, shouldn’t be used again.

Preventing growth of bacteria

What else? Don’t leave the meat out in the room temperature for too long, and that is longer than an hour. It won’t be as fresh, and it will allow bacteria to grow faster.

Type of grill

When it comes to the grill itself and its heat, some use charcoal briquettes and others smoker. If you are a charcoal kind of guy, but not too keen on cleaning, listen up. In order to clean-up gray coals and ash quicker and much easier, put a couple of aluminum sheets on the inside bottom of your cooker. When it comes to the smoker, many tend to open it frequently. Don’t do that, as it will keep it below the needed heat levels.

Grilled chicken

Grilled-chickenIn the mood for some grilled chicken? If you eat the skin too, rub the outside with oil or with butter, and then seasoned it. The result is a nice, crispy skin. Not a fan of the skin? Don’t season it.

Checking meat

Now, let’s talk about the meat. When piercing the meat forks and prongs are not the best choices – that way the juice will escape. Instead, use tongs or a spatula.

Rare meat

Rare steaks are a favorite for many people, but you should avoid that when you are cooking a hamburger. Ground beef contains more bacteria and that’s the reason it should be well done.


Salt should be added when the meat is cooked, not before. It draws away the moisture leaving the meat dry.


Hight recommended is marinating the meat. It’s best to marinate overnight, but if you can’t, try at least for an hour.

Grilled vegetables

Grilled-vegetables1Besides meat, many like to add some vegetable on their grill. An easy way for grilling potatoes and corn is to put a lot of butter, some salt and then wrap it in the aluminum foil.


Last but not least is an advice. Try something new when it comes to sauces. Other than classical barbecue sauce, there are various types of marinades as well as the seasonings.

Enjoy your grilling!