Barbecue Tools

Meat is bought, the grill is ready, so you think you are all set for a good barbecue. Well, you are wrong. It’s not that it’s impossible to make a fine meal with just that, but you can do it way better. A common mistake is using a fork when handling the meat. Why? Thanks to your piercing with a fork, the juice will escape. Barbecue tools are not made without a reason, but with a purpose. That purpose is making barbecuing easy, quick, and much more fun actually. Did I mention less messy? So, here are a few recommended helpful tools:

Really Long Tongs

Long-TongsFeeling the heat on your hands is not so pleasant. In order to avoid it and keep your hands safe, use this tongs. They are much longer than a normal kitchen set, but they can still flip any kind of meat without a problem.

An Accurate Thermometer

It’s not always easy to be sure when the meat is ready inside and out. To be accurate, without having to use other, less precise methods, try a thermometer.

A Sturdy Grill Brush

Working with a dirty grill can have its downsides. It will cause the skin to stick, and you will notice different flavors. Don’t let that happen and clean the grill after every use. Best choice for maintaining a clean grill is definitely a sturdy grill brush.


GrillbotAnother handy cleaning-tool. Fun designed little robots have brushes that can be popped out and cleaned in the dishwasher. So easy. There is more – this little guy has an alarm and a timer, which basically means you don’t have to sit and watch him do his magic. Just set it up and it will inform you when it is done or overheating.

BBQ Dragon

Lighting a charcoal fire can take some time, but not with this high-powered cooling fan. It can light a charcoal barbecue under ten minutes.

Natural Chunk Charcoal

Steaks and burgers will have that nice, irresistible smoky taste. It burns faster than some briquettes and way hotter.

Vegetable Basket

Vegetable-BasketNot only meat tastes great when grilled, vegetables do too. A must-have if you are a lover of grilling everything. Good for any kind of small ingredients.

Trigger Spray Bottle

You don’t have to worry about flare-ups if you have one of these next to you. Not only they help in keeping flames at bay, they can be also used for cleaning the grill.