Barbecue – Art Of Barbecue

Sunny, warm weather always means one thing. What is that? Barbecue, of course. There is no better use of the sun than the opportunity to fire-up your outdoor grill. When it comes to the food, at least. There is just something special about cooking outside of the house. Maybe it is because of the fact we can’t really do it throughout the year, and anything not done frequently is always more tempting and fun. Whatever the reason is, one thing is sure – people love barbecue! But not many people really master the art of the barbecue, mistakes happen. Nevertheless, that is not something that should discourage people from doing it. On contrary, they should strive for the perfect steak. The only way to do that is to use your new knowledge.

Right time to put meat

MeatFirst of all, if you are working with the charcoal barbecue, there is no need to hurry. It is called fast food, but in this case, take your time, and let the charcoal to turn into a gray ash. When that happens, you are ready to put your meat. The disappearance of flames does not mean it is time to start cooking. Remember that!


Seasoning can be tricky, and it is hard to know everybody’s taste. Still, a good advice is to not over-season. Be moderate.

Grilled vegetables

Grilled-vegetablesSince you can grill much more than just meat, there are a few recommendations on how to handle vegetables and fish. One of them is the marinade. It will taste much better if you marinade the food in lemon juice and olive oil before you start cooking.

If you start using this few tips, be sure everybody is going to lick their fingers and ask for more. There are more things you can try to improve your cooking skills, but this is quite enough to begin with. After you master the basics, experiment with sauces and techniques until you find your favorites.


The next step is to know when the meat is ready. You don’t want to let it overcook. Push a skewer into cooked meat, and if you see juice flowing clear, it is done.